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Our second edition of the “New Generation #JazzLab” in 2022 also turned out to be a full success and both the winner bands and the mentors experienced an unforgettable week of productive work paired with the beautiful nature of St. Moritz adding even more to serenity and full focus.

Concert Recordings

Harmonica player and composer Yotam Ben‑Or was born and raised in Nataf, a small village in the Jerusalem area. He started playing the harmonica at the age of 11, taught by his uncle. He moved to New York in 2014 after receiving a full scholarship to study at the New School. Since moving to NYC, Ben‑Or and his group have performed at the most prestigious venues and festivals in town such as: Jazz at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. They toured Europe, the Americas and Israel.

Yotam Ben-Or Quartet

The Winners

InSpace is an ensemble of five young musicians from Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The compositions of their singer Kateryna Kravchenko are supported by an acoustic and warm band sound, which exhausts the timbre of each individual instrument and gives the music a depth which is rich in contrast. The melody assumes the leading role. Not subject to any pulse, it is organically embedded in complex rhythmic structures. It intertwines with the accompaniment to form a continuous unity.


Best of moments

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At the centre of the New Generation #JazzLab is the collaboration of the winning acts with various jazz greats. These “mentors” are renowned professionals who support the young talents in many ways. The Festival da Jazz deliberately chooses artists who distinguish themselves by their multifaceted work and curiosity:

Lars Danielsson

Yilian Cañizares

Omar Sosa

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